Welcome to my latest newsletter. Previously I wrote War, U.S.A., burned out, and took a short break. I’ve archived those posts here, in Forged, a less-frequent (and less-formal) version.

This one’s occasional (donations are welcome, not required, and all content is made public). And it’s focused on conflict from an even further-removed vantage, not only on veterans or wars specifically. As any writer or reader will know, conflict is everything: the meat in your lunch panini, the flavoring of life that spurs you to action each morning, and without it we are but corporeal dust entrusted to wind.

So the name: it is a play on the name of a school I attended (the same school J.D. Salinger went to, but that’s from a different essay and I won’t belabor you with that story again here).

Stay in touch. My info’s below. I get terribly lonely and fancy a good chat.

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